Hi there, I am Gavin!

Your Wedding Film Maker (hopefully!)

I would love to help you along this process by making this as easy as it can be! Here are some options for your wedding video. It's a la carte so you can build the perfect package you are looking for!

1. First pick from the four different time lengths you would like your final film.

2. Then you can add in different edits we can create of your day or even get our NEW Video Book for your shelf!

3. Last, let me know!

Talk soon!

All of the packages include:


3-5 minute film



5-7 minute film



7-9 minute film



9-11 minute film


Full Ceremony

Complete Speeches

Wedding Day Trailer

Our Wedding Day Trailer would be a shorter version of your film at about 60 to 90 seconds in length. It will have highlights of the best moments of your day.

We capture your entire ceremony in a cinematic way with multiple cameras and audio recorders to make sure we capture the best quality for your film. I never in the way of guests view.This film could also be great for loved ones that couldn’t be there.

It’s always great to hear amazing speeches from your favorite loved ones. We record them to play out in real time. If your speeches go for 15 minutes, it will be a 15 minute film. We also use a light source so people can see where you are, (and it just looks way better). For audio we use professional audio recorders and back-ups so we get the best audio quality for your video.




Un-edited Footage on an External Hard Drive - $150

Additional hours - $150

Second Filmmaker - 8hrs $350


Home-movie Film

Best example of film style is first :30 seconds of Justin Biebers Wedding Film.

$2,000 - Stand Alone Film

$1,200 - Mixed with final film


One filmmaker - Zach Surp

One old school camera

Interviews with guests

All day coverage

All the raw footage


Custom Named Video Book



Easy to Watch

Looks Great

12 month standby & 2 hour playback

video plays automatically when cover opens

Laptop Quality screen with customized book cover

This is a great keepsake perfect for your coffee table to show your friends when they come over, take it with you to work, or take it for a jog. It would make for great gifts to your parents or wedding party.

Let's do this!

E-mail or call me with your selections or questions.

I will send you a link with your package options to reserve your date for $750, all online!

I can't wait to hear from you!

- Gavin