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What is your story?

We met while working at Upstate as physical therapists. For months, Jennifer had been nagging some of her co-workers to join her at Crossfit Core Fitness to have a workout buddy. After months of persistence, Adam eventually gave-in. During the summer of 2018, Adam began his CrossFit career with Jennifer.  Although we were co-workers, and now gym buddies, we never had any thoughts of each other in a romantic way. In fact, Adam would often tell Jennifer of his Tinder and Bumble dates, none of which ever held Adam’s attention.  Subconsciously there must have been something deeper going on between us!
Fast forward to October of 2018, Adam received an email from SUNY Cortland (ironically both Adam and Jen’s alma matters, but no, we did not attend at the same time) for Cortaca tickets. Adam took the chance and asked Jennifer to attend Cortaca with him, as friends. Jennifer eventually agreed. As game day neared, Jennifer was arriving home later and later after the gym every night, spending more and more time talking to Adam in the parking lot of Core Fitness training after workouts.

It was the night before Cortaca and Jennifer attended a Syracuse Football game with her parents. Through work, Jennifer’s father (Rick) had access to the Carrier Dome Box. Imagine all the free food and booze you could ever want during a football game. We all know that Jennifer does not pass up on anything FREE.   Adam received a text message at 3am from Jennifer. She would not be able to attend the game because her “stomach hurt.”
Later, Adam found out it was not only the free beer and chicken wings, but also the “butterflies” that kept Jennifer up that night.
Another month went by and Adam was not going to let Jennifer get away that easily. Adam tried again, this time inviting Jennifer to a Syracuse Stage event, Elf the Musical, with a couple of friends. Jennifer quickly agreed, as she loves musicals. It was the night of the musical and Adam received a text from Jennifer that she would not be able to attend, another stomach ache.
The night of the musical arrived and Adam’s friends had to reschedule, thrusting us first date unbeknownst to either of us. The week after that, we had a few of these “dates”, including getting subs at Velasko’s after the gym, drinks at XO Taco, and attending the Holiday Christmas Party with some fellow co-workers. It only took this long for us to finally figure out each other’s mixed signals, and we officially began dating around the holiday season in 2018

How did the two of you meet?

We first met while working as physical therapists at Upstate, Adam had just started working at Upstate the year prior and I started a clinical affiliation the following year. My (Jen’s) first impressions of Adam were that he was goofy and friendly, but also very smart. My (Adam’s) first impression of Jennifer, where she had an unparalleled booty and work ethic. It was approximately 3, almost 4 years, later we started “hanging out” in the Core parking lot before we started dating. 

What was your favorite memory of your wedding day?

Adam –  I have two favorite memories of our wedding day, well one was the night prior. I was very excited to share Jennifer’s gift with her. Little did she know that I secretly was saving picture and little momentos from our relationship together in preparation for this day. With all my SWAG in hand I put together a scrap book and was very excited to see Jen’s reaction to opening up her gift at the rehearsal dinner. My favorite memory from the wedding day itself was sharing my vows with Jennifer, although we had practiced them to each other days prior I was excited and ready to say them in front of your friend and family during our wedding ceremony. 

Jennifer – It’s cliche but really the entire day. I truly tried to savor it but I could pick a couple of favorite moments – our first look – I admittedly was nervous about “breaking the tradition” of not seeing the groom prior to the ceremony but oh my gosh was it worth it… seeing Adam looking amazing in his suit calmed my nerves so much- and have those few moments together in such a serene place were so worth it. I loved also being able to get photos and shots for our video done prior to the ceremony. 

Second favorite moment was our ceremony – we wrote it and our vows ourselves and being able to stand there with Adam and put into words how much he means to me in front of everyone was truly meaningful.  I also loved our unity ceremony and am looking forward to the product (glass vase) we will get from it).

Both of us – one of the last songs of the night was “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. Everyone who was left got in a circle around us and swayed and sang the song at the top of their lungs… it was an amazing feeling to have each other but also be surrounded by so many friends and family.

What were the main influences behind the style of your wedding, its location and your venue choice for your big day?

We overall wanted it to reflect us and our relationship. We chose Tailwater because they were very accommodating – we love craft beer and wanted to be able to chose a few craft beers on draft, especially our favorite beer – Allagash White (some may say this began our relationship…). We also love adventuring and the outdoors so  the rustic but elegant setting was perfect. We are practical people – so we chose a unity ceremony that would give us a product that we could display in our home for years to come (a glass vase and Christmas ornament made from the combined glass frit since we started dating and got engaged around Christmas). We chose the color scheme because it reminds us of red wine, which we also enjoy.

What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?

Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment. Stay true to your relationship and what you want out of your day. Remember that the day is for YOU and your significant other, not your friends and family. Though you can certainly accommodate family/friends wishes tastefully, your relationship and preferences should remain the priority.  Also remember that most people don’t remember the little details… so don’t sweat the small stuff that may go wrong.

What made you decide to hire a wedding videographer? Any tips for couples on the fence for a film?

We wanted more than just photographs to preserve the day. We wanted to capture the essence of the day – and despite our photographers being wonderful – we felt that a video would capture the genuine feel of the day. We can see each other’s emotions come through in the video whereas they would not come through via photos. Likewise – family and friends thoughts and emotions can come through.

If you are on the fence about it – DON’T BE and JUST DO IT.

Anything else you would like to share?

Inevitably, things are going to go wrong… small or big, so just take a deep breath and remember why you are there and carry on. For example, on wedding day, our table numbers were the wrong style, a couple flowers got messed up, but not one guest noticed – because the only people that noticed were us.  Overall, your guests just care about you- not about the small stuff.

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