Why You Should Do a First Look?

I have been filming weddings since 2012 and found that weddings with a first look have gone a lot smoother. Traditionally, couples wait to see each other at the ceremony, but more and more couples are seeing each other before and for many good reasons.

1. Calms the nerves.

If you get nervous around crowds having a first look is a great option. It helps calm the nerves a bit before you walk down the isle. There is a lot of build up to walking down the isle and having your own private moment for just the two of you helps keep that under wraps.

2. You still feel the butterflies when you see each other at the other ends of the isle.

The many first looks we have filmed have been followed by amazing looks down the isle as well. I can speak from first hand experience that even though my wife Nicole and I had a first look, I still had happy tears when I saw her walk down the isle.

3. Get the party started!

Hanging out with your best buds in the morning is fun but you want to get the party started! Having a first look lets you begin your day even sooner so you can hang out with everybody. It gives you more time which is what you would want because the day goes by so fast!

4. More time for photos and video.

After your first look it gives you more time to take the photos and video with your bridal party family and the two of you. It helps with scheduling and also gives you an opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones throughout the day.

5. Spend more time with friends and family.

Since you have time before the ceremony you can take all your photos. You have more time to mingle and be with everyone and attend your cocktail hour.

Friends and family are eager to see you. We want you to be present with your guests. Also, if you didn’t get all the photos before it give you a back up time to get the final few shots left.

Tradition history: People say that it is bad luck to see each other before the wedding, but the tradition goes further than that and is less romantic. Back in the day, when arranged marriages where cool, father of the brides wouldn’t want their future husbands to see if they where ugly or not, back out of the arranged marriage and bring shame to the family. The vail is for the same reason.

All in all, it’s up to the two of you and what you would like to do. I’m always ready for anything and can schedule to get amazing shots in any amount of time.

What would you like to do or have done for your wedding day? Leave a reply in the comments below!