Glenora Winery | Dundee, New York Wedding Film | Amy + James

How did the two of you meet?

The two of us meet at nursing school. I was the jokester in the back of class and she was the one who laughed to herself. I remember when I first ran into Amy outside of class and I boldly asked “can I walk with you” not knowing that 8 years later we would be walking down the aisle together. Fittingly Amy played hard to get but I was persistent, through my persistence I became “Brooklyn” then “the boy” and finally Husband. Our story is not much different than any other love story, boy goes away to school, boy meets girl, boy falls in love. Although our story has been written before it will always be special to us.

What happened the day he proposed? How did he do it?

The day he proposed May 10th 2017, started as so many other days have started hiking with our dog. However this time it was Camels hump in Vermont. As we began our hike there were many times we could have turned around like when it became too muddy or when the dog slipped on some rocks but like we always did we kept moving forward. When we arrived at the peak of the mountain with the beautiful green mountains behind us James got down on one knee and asked to go on one more adventure with him

What were the main influences behind the style of your wedding, it’s location and your venue choice for your big day?

Glenora Winery for the beautiful setting and amazing food. We also had a history with Glenora winery, every year we would partake in the deck the halls wine tour and visited Glenora every time. We also spent a Romantic weekend at the winery full of wine champagne strawberries and full body massages. So when it came time to find a venue Glenora became the obvious choice it also helped that their food was amazing. As for the style of our wedding it became a combination of the grooms love of art deco and no expense spared and the Brides  more down to earth boho-chic style, a combination that may seem like it would clash but worked perfectly together  

How did you approach wedding planning? Did you use any computer systems, apps or social media? and a good old planner. For our registry we used Amazon which is a universal registry allowing you to pull items from other stores/websites and place them on your amazon registry, we also used bed bath and beyond. 

What made you decide to hire a videographer?

We decide to hire a videographer to capture the story of our day. Photos alone are just snippets of the day moments that happened. Video  on the other hand is an unfolding story  of happiness excitement and love. Through video one becomes connected, intertwined in the experience allowing the watcher to be present. Film has a personality a livelihood, a soul if you will bringing characteristics unachievable through pictures alone.      

Did you have any surprises for each other, or for your guests on your wedding day?

James and I surprised our guest with a firework display. Our guests still talk about it to this day.  

What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?

Focus on what makes the two of you happy- Don’t sweat the small stuff like what type of paper the invitations are on, or the color of your napkins -Eat you meal the guests will come to you- focus on having fun if you have fun your guests will have fun- and don’t forget to #getklezmerized

What were your favorite parts of your wedding day (or perhaps most memorable)?

The first look watching the bride walk down the aisle, seeing everyone have such a great time

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

Listen to people’s advice but ultimately do what you want it is you and significant others dayKeep the lines of communication open discuss what matters to each of you.Do not feel like you have to invite everyone, only invite the people that you want around you the ones that make you happy and want to see you succeed and of course those that have been there along the way.

Wedding Ceremony – Glenora Winery

Wedding Reception – Glenora Winery

Wedding Planner – James Merritt

Catering – Veraisons restaurant

Photographer – Jessica LK

Wedding dress – Heart to Heart

Bride accessories & shoes – Jessica Simpson shoes

Bridesmaid dresses – Katherine Patricia

Groom’s attire & accessories & shoes – Astor & Black

Groom’s party attire – Mens Wearhouse, SuitSupply, J. Crew

Hair, Make up & beauty – Bombshell Beauty

Stationery – Posey Letter Press

Cake – Get Caked

Wedding rings – Brilliant Earth, Etsy

Entertainment – Finger Lakes Entertainment

Florist – In Bloom Florals

Fireworks – Youngs Explosive