It’s Never Been Luck, It’s Always Been You | The Fitz | Syracuse New York Wedding Film | Kahssia + Radelle

What is your story?

Back in 2019, Kahssia was living in New Jersey but driving back to Syracuse every weekend because she was homesick. One weekend, she came home to go to an informal house party at her and Radelle’s mutual friend KJ’s house (KJ was also our super talented wedding photographer by the way). 
Little did she know, Radelle was going to be there too. Now … Radelle and Kahssia had interacted a bit on Twitter before but nothing serious. At the kickback Radelle tweeted he wanted diner food and, sitting in the same room, Kahssia replied back his to his tweet agreeing that that did sound good. 
At the function, Radelle could see that certain guests in attendance were getting uncomfortably close to Kahssia and he discreetly kept them out of Kahssia’s space for the night. She sub-tweeted him saying that she found the sense of protection attractive and he DM-ed to confirm it was him she was talking about. That day, they exchanged numbers. 
Despite them texting very often, they didn’t actually get that diner food until a couple weeks later – when Radelle asked if Kahssia was still up for it and thankfully she was. It was by sheer luck that Radelle made it to the date too. He had just gotten off of work, showered, and had just enough time to grab a dozen roses right before the florist closed. 

When Kahssia saw him walk in the diner with roses, she knew this was going to be more than just a friendly bite to eat … and as hard as she tried not to admit it – it was a good feeling. Kahssia and Radelle talked for hours … until the diner closed. 
That still wasn’t enough time spent with one another though. They went on a date every day that week and each time they spent hours talking to one another. Between Texas Roadhouse, Tullys, Club 11, bowling, the movies … it was clear they were on the path towards something worthwhile. 
These dates spanned across the week of Thanksgiving and eventually Kahssia had to go back to New Jersey for work. After she returned, she and Radelle talked daily – they’d start and end each day with messages to one another. 
A little less than a month after they began talking, they made it official by becoming a couple … on December 4th, 2019. 
And here they are, married 3 years later … on December 4th, 2022 at the diner where it all started.

What was your favorite memory of your wedding day?

One of our favorite memories was the exchanging of vows and the other’s was the reception – there were so many high points throughout the reception that just really were the icing on top of an already great day. 

What were the main influences behind the style of your wedding, its location and your venue choice for your big day?

The main influences behind the style of our wedding were we just wanted it simple and as easy as it could be. Haha, we knew we didn’t want anything stuffy or too driven by tradition – just simple. Our location was at the diner we had our first date! The diner is meaningful to us both separately and also together – so it was truly the perfect place for our ceremony. 
The reception was a beautiful space where we really didn’t have to do anything but show up! The existing decor was perfect for our needs and again helped us keep things … simple. 

What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?

HAVE FUN. Don’t over complicate things. Only do things that matter to you. 

What made you decide to hire a wedding videographer? Any tips for couples on the fence for a film?

We wanted to make sure the day was captured outside of just memories and still photos. We wanted something that would let us relive the day a little bit when we look back on it. Our suggestion for anyone on the fence would be – if a video of your wedding day is important to you, do it. Do it solely because you want to.   

Anything else you would like to share?

Gavin, you’re a cool dude! Everyone loved having you around and it was so so great to have you be part of our special day! 

Ceremony Mom’s Diner

First Look Location Found Things Plant Shop

Reception Oh My Darling! The Fitz

Photographer Prolific Kid Films

DJ/ Entertainment DJ Mel and Takeover

Barber Collin’s Barber Shop (Bride)

Hair Jaquannah Williams (Groom)

Make Up & Beauty IG: @Makeupbeynene_

Officiant Khijanique Godley

Catering Mom’s Diner & Oh My Darling

Cake Suzy’s Sweet Spot

Desserts Crave Dessert Studio