We are Stronger Together | The Lodges at Cresthaven and The Boat House Restaurant | Lake George, New York Wedding Film | Alyssa + Greg

How did the two of you meet?

Greg and I met in our dorm building sophomore year at SUNY Fredonia when Greg and his suite mates smoothly went to all the girls’ doors introducing themselves. We shared neighboring suites and instantly became known as the “mom and dad” of the two suites. After some time when everyone started speculating feelings, I attempted to confront Greg about it while he was playing video games. He paused long enough to say enjoyed being “good friends” and didn’t want to ruin the friendship. After much deliberation and convincing from my suite mates, I slipped a note into Greg’s pocket before leaving on a three day weekend declaring “I agreed with everything he said about friendship but it’s okay because I’m crushing on you too.” That note is now framed and is still with us. And as they say….the rest is history!

What was your favorite memory of your wedding day?

We both agree it was the moment right before and then the first moment when we saw each other during the first look. I actually saw him from the top of the hill getting ready for the first look. Greg was getting into place and knew I was no where around yet. For me that was when my heart jumped and when it became real. It took me a few minutes to get down the hill and Greg says for him it was when he could hear my foots steps right before I tapped his shoulder. 

What were the main influences behind the style of your wedding, it’s location and your venue choice for your big day?

So, we originally chose Lake George because I grew up vacationing there and Greg and I camp with my family there. Our anniversary has always been October so it was prefect for the season. It was like a painting. We aren’t country people though so we offset all the wood with classic vintage gold frames and modern geometric pieces to make it an elegant causal.

What would your top tips be for somebody planning their wedding?

Remember to enjoy the journey. Don’t sweat the small stuff on the actual day (but stay present so you notice when your officiant forgets you wrote your own vows!!), and get everything in writing. With COVID-19 throwing a wrench in everything we always dreamed our day would be, we had to learn to pick our fights and re-evaluate what was important to us, while still trying to find the excitement of this milestone and still have it feel like the milestone we always wanted. What was important to us was we kept our original day and got married no matter what. Then we can celebrate with our big guest list whenever it is safe. Everyone will tell you what they think and try to tell you what to do, but you two are the only ones going through this situation and forced to make the decisions, COVID or not. It’s easier said than done. So do what makes you both happy at the end of the day.  No matter what anyone says or what is going on in the world, you deserve this milestone and for it to be the happiest day of your life! 

What made you decide to hire a wedding videographer? Any tips for couples on the fence for a film?

I (Alyssa) have a degree in video production so It wasn’t even a question if we were going to have a videographer or not.  For anyone who is debating having video, do it. Photos are great and I am super picky about those too but that only captures one moment per frame, and a lot of the time it’s staged. Video is a different level of story telling that captures the entire day. Video preserves the small moments that get missed in the hustle and bustle of the day; the deep breath before the first look, the gentle (or not so gentle) tears and laughs of your guests. Video evokes stronger emotions and capture larger memories. We awed at our pictures but we cried all over again when we saw our video. Being able to listen to our vows for the rest of our lives is something we will always cherish. It’s an investment that I promise you will not regret it.

VenueLodges at Cresthaven

CeremonyLodges at Cresthaven

Wedding Photographer – Janelle Rodriguez Photography

Catering – The Boathouse Restaurant

FilmGavin Law Films

Wedding dress – Fiori Bridal Boutique

Bride accessories & shoes – Etsy and DSW

Hair – Chrissy Manor

Stationery – Etsy and Shutterfly

Wedding cake – CAKE by Alissa

Wedding favors – Lakeside Coffee

Wedding rings – His: Manly Bands Hers: Brilliance in Diamonds

Florist – Mary’s Forever Flowers