Windridge Estate RedBarn20 | Cazenovia, New York Wedding Film | Katrina + Oria

November 2, 2019

A highschool bonfire! We went to neighboring towns, and happened to meet through mutual friends.

To be brutally honest, I was a terrible girlfriend! Little did I know, Oria had planned a proposal at the place we first went to when we moved to Texas. The Hope Gallery graffiti park in Austin. It was a rainy morning, and we truly went all the time. BUT he wanted to go THAT day “for some reason” and I was so reluctant to even get in the car. When we got there, I barely noticed the “O +K” he had spray painted on a wall in a big white heart. Then of course I melted and begged for forgiveness through tacos.

I am a huge “tree of life” collector and believer. It was really important to me to find an outdoor/indoor venue surrounded by greenery, and a large oak (or any tree) for that matter to be married under. Oria LOVES big open spaces, and room for lawn games and a true tailgate feel. So RedBarn20 gave us more than our dream venue could ever offer.

Zola! Absolute lifesaver. Took care of tracking our gifts, registries, guest list, RSVP’s and more!

There is something so magical about being able to watch and hear our families on our special day. Pictures do so much justice, but being able to capture live moments adds THAT much more.

Besides Oria and I jumping into the venue pool fully dressed? I’d say we like to keep people on their toes at all times.

HAVE FUN. I know it gets hectic and sometimes overwhelming, but remember the end result. If you are married to the one your soul loves at the end of the day, thats ALL that matters.

Seeing everyone we love in one spot. Literally everyone. It was the best thing we could ever ask for.

Relax girlfriend. You’re not going to remember 50 years down the road that you left your “something borrowed” at home on accident. You’re going to remember seeing your husband at the end of the isle waiting for you.
RedBarn20 Windridge Estate
RedBarn20 Windridge Estate
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