How did the two of you meet?
From our website:

Ryan and Jenna met surprisingly on Facebook!!! Ryan hates admitting that; so lets back the story up. Ryan worked for Jenna’s Uncle David for many years at Olympus Medical. During this time Uncle David would tell Ryan about his amazing niece and at the same time he was pumping Ryan’s tires to Jenna!They both brushed off Uncle David’s attempt to play match-maker; after all they both had significant others in the picture. Not to mention, Jenna thought it was totally odd to be set up by her uncle and Ryan couldn’t swallow dating his boss’ niece.

Fast forward a couple years, Jenna is graduating from her Master’s degree and looking to break into the sales industry. She obviously calls her uncle for some guidance; he said that a couple guys would reach out to her to discuss sales. Their names were Lander and Hotaling. Sean reached out immediately and helped Jenna book a mock interview. The infamous “Hotaling” however, did not reach out. NOTHING!

How dare he? Jenna’s uncle told him to complete a task. He was his boss! Jenna finally took it upon herself to look up this “Hotaling” fella on Facebook. Much to her pleasure, he was one sexy looking sales representative and accomplished athlete. So….of course…she did NOT friend request him. They both decided to play it like neither wanted to reach out.

One day when Jenna was super bored at work, the infamous “Hotaling” friend requested Jenna on Facebook. Her heart skipped a beat and she didn’t understand why. Ryan messaged Jenna and said, “I heard you are trying to get into sales, would you like to grab dinner and discuss your future ventures?” She took him up on the OBVIOUS request to just go on a date.

Jenna traveled to Saratoga Springs and they never once discussed sales over dinner at Jacob and Anthony’s <3

They have been inseperable ever since.

Thank you Uncle Dave and Facebook!

From our website:

It was Traver’s weekend in Saratoga Springs. The biggest weekend of the year! Jenna and Ryan enjoyed their time at the races Saturday with close friends Patrick Hart and The Nowak family. It was a day of great races and even better drinks!

Sunday rolls around and Jenna and Ryan decide to relax all day. It was a super rainy day. Ryan asked to go to Druther’s for some food, which is nothing out of the ordinary for a Sunday late lunch. Jenna barely tossed her hair up, put on some LuLu gear, kept her glasses on, and didn’t put any make up on what so ever.

The couple enjoyed some amazing food and drinks. Ryan decided to drink a little more than normal but Jenna didn’t think anything of it.

They went home to walk their dog, Tito. It was still raining. Jenna put on one of Ryan’s oversized hoodies and some shorts. As Jenna was walking the dog, Ryan pulled up to them and asked her to hop into his Jeep. Confused, Jenna asked, WHY? Ryan explained that they finally were able to get an appointment at a house that they were interested in purchasing.

Jenna jumped in the car with Ryan, wet from the rain and looking frazzled from not getting ready all day. Jenna explained that Tito still needed to go to the bathroom. Ryan suggested to take Tito to the Yaddo Gardens because it was on the way to the house.

Ryan, Jenna, and Tito all arrived at the Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs. The most beautiful spot in town. They walked through all the flowers, fish ponds, walkways, and mazes. STILL RAINING!

At the top of the gardens near the beautiful steps, Jenna turned her back to look at some flowers and Ryan got down on one knee. Jenna turned around to make her way down the staircase and to her surprise she found Ryan at the bottom holding out the MOST gorgeous ring.

Ryan professed his love for Jenna and SHE SAID YES!!!!!

And in true Ryan and Jenna fashion, they made their way to the closest bar to have celebratory drinks. The bar was called Kings Tavern and they didn’t allow pets. So Ryan and Jenna stayed in the rain and took a shot and had a drink together.

The main influence for our wedding concept and styling was the fact that I wanted to be different than most every bride. I wanted an ALL WHITE WEDDING! Everything needed to be white (tent, florals, dresses, ties, card box, linen, Rolls Royce etc). After some research I also wanted a secret garden vibe. So the entire wedding was not only white but all flowers and greenery everywhere. I wanted people to feel like they stepped into a secret all white garden. On top of that…Ryan and I felt as though since we met in Saratoga and live in Saratoga…..we should get married in Saratoga! I am from Utica and Ryan is from Syracuse; so it felt like a mini destination wedding for our family and friends. With that being said, we wanted a Saratoga’esque vibe. We did not want cookie cutter; nor did we want to do something people have seen before. We chose the Saratoga Polo Association as our venue because 1. There was a massive ALL WHITE DRAPED TENT!!! 2. Horses!!! Saratoga….DUH!!! 3. We have never seen it done before. We are so happy with how everything turned out. Our view came to life!!

I did a ton of social media research. I used a ton of Pinterest to get ideas for particular components of my wedding. Mostly used it for the mood or theme I was trying to demonstrate…which was the all white secret garden. I also used instagram a ton…I followed bridal designers, venues, brides, photographers, vendors, bridal magazines. I used Etsy for small detail items such as: cake topper, cards sign, flower girl robe, ring bearer tee shirt and glasses, flowergirl and ring bearer tumblers

The rest all came from me! It was important to utilize the creativity of my vendors as well. I would have brainstorm sessions with my paper vendor, my matron of honor, my photographer, my venue, etc.

To keep organized, I used a large (blinged out) binder with dividers and paper to keep all my contracts, ideas, and pamphlets. I also used labeled storage bins for organization as well once all my products for the reception and cocktail hour started pouring in.

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED GAVIN SINCE BEFORE I MET RYAN!!! I always wanted to have my future wedding recorded so I could watch it on my anniversary with my future husband. I also love Gavin’s creativity and movie that he creates. I used to just watch them over and over during my single life and they were so moving…I would tear up! He catches all emotions!


I surprised Ryan with a Breitling watch and a Boudoir album done by Janelle Rodriguez!

I surprised my father with a hanky that had a quote on it about always being his little girl.

I surprised my niece, the flowergirl, with a Swarovski bracelet and a poem. It will be her future old on her wedding day!

I surprised my husband again and guests with a sketch of my couture dress drawn for me by my dress designer, Lazaro!

I surprised my guests by showing up in a vintage Rolls Royce (ALL WHITE OF COURSE!!! ) 🙂

I surprised my guests with polo players on horses galloping in the field before the ceremony and during cocktail hour.

I surprised my guests with a grand finale of a long and amazing fireworks show!!!

Create a wedding binder

Always be researching during down time

Stay organized

Don’t share too much detail with others…1. It gives away surprises 2. too many opinions will confuse you

If you want it badly…just go for it. You only get married once

Finally…remember…. in the end it is about you marrying the love of your life. Never forget that and take it all in.

Most memorable moment is of course walking down the isle with my father to meet Ryan at the alter. I will never forget the way he looked at me; I get see how much he loved and adored me.

I loved our fireworks at the end as well.

Please see above. Get your self the perfect dream team and utilize them to the max. They do what the do for a reason. Brainstorm. They love what they do as much as you love planning your dream wedding.

Saratoga Polo Association
Saratoga Polo Association
Myself!!! I did get a “Day of Coordinator” through Old Daley Custom Catering- Susan Minahan
Kleinfeld Bridal–Designer: Lazaro
Lily Bridal for earrings and shoes…Shoe designer: Badgley Mischka— Veil from Kleinfeld Bridal— Hair chain from Kleinfeld Bridal and Designer: Meg Jewelry—Diamond bracelet from Ryan from Lily and David Jeweler
The Dressing Room….Designer: Jadore
Robes: Lily Bridal….Designer: Jenny Yoo
Jos A Bank for suit…..Aldo for shoes…..Tie Bar for the tie and pocket square
 for suits…..Tie Bar for ties and pocket squares
Chris Burt
Jennifer McCarthy of True Grace Makeup Artistry
PaperDolls of Saratoga
Make Me a Cake Next Door
Smokey Hollow Maple Syrup (Ryan’s Uncle James Hotaling)
Egon Ehrlinspiel Jewelers
Guest Transportation: Upstate Transit, Rolls Royce: Advantage Transportation, Limo: Advantage Transportation
SCE Event Group…DJ Paul Knox
Pianist and Vocals – Christopher Dollard
Officiant – Margie Nowak
Guest book wood piece – Rustic Rose
Street Signs – Fast Signs
Hair chain designer – Meg Jewelry
Robes, Bride sleeper set, Jewelry, MOH belt, Shoes – Lily Bridal
Robe Designer and Sleeper Set – Jenny Yoo
Polo Players – Saratoga Polo Association
Fireworks – Jeff Alonzo
Florals and Linen – Rena’s Fine Flowers
After party food and brunch – Embassy Suites
Save the Date – Wedding Paper Divas
Tent – Rain or Shine
Garter – La Gartier
Breitling watch – Northeastern Fine Jewelry
Rehearsal dinner – Longfellows Restaurant